Thursday, June 16, 2011

Latest goings-on

I'm in the middle of my craziest summer.  We sold a house, bought a house, and moved, and then of course decided the next week would be a good time to go on a week-long trip to our nation's capital.  That was also the week I started my final three courses for my MLIS degree, and now this week is my comps week, when I write 4 big essay questions so I can graduate.  DH had another load to grab from our old homestead (his shop has taken at least 6 loads with a big trailer plus a full pickup) and this time brought the farm dogs.  We are out in the country still, but not in the boonies anymore - we have neighbors across the street.  So the dogs are forced inside by mean-old-me, thus, I'm up blogging at 12:30 a.m.  Oh and did I mention I start my new job in 15 days?

I did find time to go to a "discuss books group" - not a book discussion group - which was lots of fun.  We all talked about some of the books we've been reading lately.  One group member had a very long list of books that she's read since last month.  Very motivational!  I thought of a few books to mention - The Caretaker of Lorne Field, e.g. - but I am going to write the ones down and do better.  Once I get done with my classes in July, I'll definitely have more time to read for pleasure.  Even with my new job - but of course I need to model reading, don't I?

My most recent book:  

I'd never read Lupica before, but I hear it's a big change from his normal sports fare.  It was hard to put down, but I'm disappointed in this the same way as I was with The Ghost and the Goth - the book was so clearly made to be the start of a series.  What is so wrong with writing one book and leaving it at that?  I know, I know, as a writer, why wouldn't you want to milk that cash cow?  But as a reader, just once, I'd like to read a new book that has a nice tied-up ending.  (Carl Hiaasen does this for me, and I know he'll write another book!  Just because he's done with a character doesn't mean I'm done with him as a writer.)

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