Thursday, August 4, 2011

Squirrel story

This is an email that my 12-year-old daughter sent me about her recent fun at Grandpa and Grandma's:

So on Tuesday night, Grandma and Grandpa were gone and I was at [sister's boyfriend's apartment]. He was gone, but we were allowed to have some of his Twix ice cream, and L. and I were eating it outside on the deck thingy. When we were almost done eating, two squirrels abruptly jumped onto the same tree next to us. Okay, that's fine. Well, then L. was talking about how brave college squirrels are, and I threw a dirt clod at the tree (not the squirrels) to get their attention. The clod lands on a big patio table below, one squirrel running away and one to investigate the dirt mess. Apparently the braver squirrel got mad at us and started walking up the long steps towards us. And we were just like," Ooooooooooo herp derp it's a squirrel", thinking that the squirrel would stop midway. But it kept going, and L. got scared and started walking inside. I wanted to stay out, but the squirrel got all up in my face and was like," I pity the foooool that mess with me. Yo, give me your food. I'm a squirrel" so I ran inside and L. locked the door! And that's not all, about one minute later we looked out the blinds and there was the squirrel, a little aways, still on the patio, about five feet away. So L. sits down, and I go back to the blinds, thirty seconds later. And the squirrel is literally RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR, on a ledge at eye level, looking right at me!!! So I freaked out, but quickly regrouped and decided to open the door just a crack, and the squirrel runs to the door and I have barely enough time to close the door! I guess L. was right when she said how brave those squirrels where! I better be good, or else L. will throw me out for the squirrel and his little friends and they will eat me ALIVE, I TELL YOU!

Watch out!!!

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