Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2: GIS

At ITEC last year, I first heard about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in schools.  The presenter is from a private university in Iowa and works with 4-H groups, and had brought along a high schooler (and his mother) who was passionate about the subject.  Although this technology is a little scientific for me (not my strong suit!), I knew it was very cool so I've had it on the back of my mind all year.

A grant opportunity was presented to me last week, so I decided to try something with GIS.  I worked with the high school science teacher and the curriculum coordinator, and we pulled together a great grant.  I'm very hopeful about our chances!  

I did pull together a Diigo list of GIS resources.  It's a great start - and hopefully soon I can add a link to our high schoolers' online presence about their original GIS research!

photo credit: Cartographer via photopin cc

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