Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The elementary library is coming along very nicely.  Today the carpets are getting cleaned, so I'm staying in my office for awhile.  Oh, here's a picture of my office! 

I suppose it looks a little cave-like and a little messy.  The cords and such above the desk aren't my fault, though!  They are for the network and wireless and such.  I just decided that it was a waste of a good space to just put crap in there.  I have another office, but I don't like to work in there because then I can't talk to Donna!  This is closed off enough (so yes, it is cave-like) that I can get some work done, but open enough that I can bother talk to Donna all day.  I know she's glad!  ;)

The stage is all but done.  The only thing left is Brian will come and put in the shelves.  But the carpet layers came yesterday and it looks fabulous:

Doesn't it, though?  Student registration was on Monday and Tuesday, so we had a few students come in and inspect - and approve - of the space.  I do see hopping down is going to be a problem, though!  We were preparing for the carpets to be cleaned, so the tables are out and the library is very open, which did encourage such behavior.  We initially were going to have some seats built to the sides of the stage, but that got postponed.  We're not really sure we want them anymore - we'll see how this works.  You can't see it in that picture up there, but that red is a step up from the floor.  Here, look at this one:

We're going to have carpet squares made from those rolls of carpet, and some students and I were discussing pillows yesterday so we got out some of Donna's stuffed animals.  :)

Oh finally, for the name of this blog post.  I've done some shedding of my own - eight pounds since July 1.  I'm doing the Shangri-La Diet and am having a lot of success.  I hope to be down 15 pounds by the beginning of school, 30 by the end of 2012, and 50 by the end of the school year.  We'll see.  I would have been down 10 today but the kids and I went to eat at Chen Garden yesterday and the four miles I walked after wasn't quite enough!

So here I am, with two of my bestest buds, Brandie and Kristen.  We did UNI's 2 + 2 Elementary Education program and we were the Sioux City cohort.  (I've since graduated from the University of Missouri for my library degree - hence my shirt!) 

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