Thursday, December 2, 2010

Patron tales

A little girl came up to the Youth Services desk yesterday and told me I had something on my face - and pointed to my beauty mark slash mole on the right side of my mouth.  Hahahahaha. 

Oh and one very strange man came into the library a week ago and when I asked for his library card got it plus a deck of playing card and did some Las Vegas sort of shuffling, then laid them out on the desk and asked me to do something or other.  Hit him?  I think the jist of it was he wanted me to decide what he should do next with his cards . . . I haven't played poker since my dad and grandpa and brothers made me play when I was a girl (so they'd have an even number of players - and an easy loser) so I told him umm, no thanks.  And I suggested that I could show him where the DVDs were, to get him out of the children's section ASAP.

Another story time tomorrow!  I'll post after-the-fact this time, in case I change up what I'm doing.  But now, to my final paper for my IT class . . .

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