Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Presenting my vision

I had the opportunity last week to eludicate my vision for the school library to the elementary faculty.  I did so using this Prezi.  The big points:

The goals of the library:
  • Create a library space that is welcoming, attractive, and organized.
  • Instruct students in research and information literacy.
  • Support recreational reading by students.
  • Support the curriculum of the school through print and digital resources.
Statistics on the elementary library:
  • 7,330 holdings
  • 19 per student
  • Average age is 1990
A good school library includes a solid collection plus programming and teaching.
But a great school deserve a great library.

This can only happen together.

Then I discussed some initiatives - leveling all the books in the library, coordinating library and tech instruction, and working in the classroom with teachers. 

Dr. Pasco's law:  The quality of our library tells students what we think they deserve.
My law:  This is my classroom, but it is your (and the students') library.

How can I help you?

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