Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Underdogs

An hour ago, I finished the book, The Underdogs by Mike Lupica.

I've read one Lupica  book before, Hero.  But it was pretty different than his other work (or so I hear) and this is your typical sports book that he usually writes.  If all his books are like this, though, I should read more.  It was an exciting story that ended just like you wanted it to.  I might get it for the junior/senior high library too, because i know some 7th graders who would really like this. 

So that puts me at 7 hours, 5 minutes for #48hbc, the 48 hour reading challenge.  I started at 2 yesterday afternoon so that's really bad!  I have a show to go to tonight plus church in the morning, so I'll need to read all afternoon and then some after we get back, and a good six hours tomorrow.  That will put me at 20 hours total . . . far short of what I was hoping, but certainly not a bad amount for my first try at this. 

But really, this is doing me a lot of good for giving quality reader's advisory.  I should do this more often!

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