Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things I love Thursday

I just found this blog last week.  What fun!  I shared with my daughter and . . . well . . . she didn't find it nearly as funny as I did. 
"When I find out there is yet another book in one of my favorite series."
(It's funnier if you go to the original.)

We buy fruit from a church fundraiser twice a year.  This year, I had Ranier cherries (amazing) and peaches for canning (delectable), and now it's apple season.  I love them because there's no hurry on them, they will keep.  Not much longer, though, with me eating two a day . . .
3.  Workflowy
I love outlines.  That's how I do public speaking or term paper writing or most anything I have to prepare:  I create an outline first.  I also love lists.  My siblings laugh about finding a to-do list of mine Christmas morning, 1978, that included using the restroom  (okay, I admit that was excessive).  So to combine the two into one?  Perfect.  I used Evernote and really liked it, but the more notes I had, the harder it was to find what I needed.  Work Flowy takes care of that, with the ability to drill down sublists.  Watch this video to learn more.

I've been listening to PHC for fifteen years or more.  My favorite part is the ketchup bits and the Powder Milk Biscuit song, but lately, I love hearing the Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian skits.  My husband and I went in January to see PHC live at the Fitzgerald Theater and it was amazing - Josh Bell on the violin was the headliner.  I wish I could go to the October show in Indiana to see Old Crow Medicine Show!
1.  My husband

This December 1, it will be 23 years!

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