Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top ten series I haven't finished


I know, I know, it's Thursday.  So much for my goal of blogging regularly this week . . .

The top ten series I haven't finished . . . this is a tough one!  I don't read a lot of series, and the ones I have read, I generally finish (the Mitford series, the Harmony series, and a few that are decidedly not religious). 

But for what it's worth, here's ten eight book series that I started and haven't finished, in no particular order:

1.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I've read the first Wimpy Kid book, and liked it fine enough, but just haven't found the desire to go back to it.  Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers is all the humorous cartoon books I need, I guess.

2.  Twilight

Really, don't get me started on Twilight.  Okay, since you asked.  I was taking a class in Young Adult Librarianship and we had to read this book.  In our discussion, all the other ladies loved the book, as well as my professor.  I just kept thinking of a girl in my high school who was abused by her boyfriend, if this book had been out then.  She might have thought, "Wow, this is exactly how my boyfriend treats me!" - with Edward's stalking, bullying behavior.  But then she realizes that not only her classmates, but her mother, her teachers, her librarian think it's romantic.  I was told in class that I was being silly, but the next day I heard on NPR of a government report that some crazy percentage of high school girls are in abusive relationships.  So there.  (Though I think it would be an excellent book to read with high school girls to discuss.  But I won't be reading anymore of her work.)

3.  Series of Unfortunate Events

I read the first, but just didn't like how unfortunate everything is!  Should I try again?

4.  Ghost and the Goth

This is a fun quirky book.  And although I was at first disappointed that there is a second book - why can't authors just finish the story in one?  It was a fun one and I should get the second for the library.

5.  Lord of the Rings

I actually read The Hobbit, which technically isn't part of LOTR, but in my mind it is.  I really enjoyed Farmer Giles of Ham, but this heavy of fantasy just isn't for me.  Too dense.

6.  Work and the Glory

I'm a lapsed Mormon and have read some of these, but good Lord!  Talk about preachy - and I thought that even when I wasn't a lapsed Mormon.

7.  The Great Brain Adventures

I read a lot as a kid and this is one of the few that I remember reading.  Actually, that's not true - when I read it as an adult, I realized that I'd read it as a child.  What fun!  I did go back and read several of them, but not all.  Fun reads, I wish they were still popular for kids.

8.  The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

The problem with this book is I have no idea where I left off! 



Here's a great site to look for book series you may have met.

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